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Secafonsa SL. was born in 1999 in order to meet the market needs. Initially started by a particular level facilities, but today it covers all types of industry-related facilities, whether for individuals and businesses. Also, thanks to the daily efforts have certification maintainer / installer making us a benchmark company in our area.


Kindness towards our customers has cast us forward, we started in a small facility that was replaced by a larger in our standard of quality to our customers so we needed. This now has an easy service, treatment and customer support.


Our experience and professionalism is manifested by the professional licenses of those who have that aceditan us to inspect and maintain any installation within their categories and the customer can get the necessary documents and permits without the required inspection by a outside professional.




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On installations we do, we always apply the legislation by securing maximum customer facility performance at minimum cost, always within the law. All this, coupled with the desire to work, and to improve service concept we have, has led us to offer our clients the following services.






Gas and Diesel Fuel

Renewable Energy

Air Conditioning

Oil Products

We use modern and durable materials in our work. We install purification for pools, water harvesting systems, rainwater collection for use potable wells, water testing and treatment for home use by descaling, reverse osmosis systems and all repair you need your home or business.

We put customer service and human resources materials adapted to new technologies. We install and maintain in accordance with the latest technological innovations, designing reliable systems, adjusted to current regulations from bias, hydrants networks, dry columns, fire sprinkler able to offer our customers the greatest protection.


We install underfloor heating, where heat spreads from the ground, do radiators installations blue energy and/or heat registers. Also, keep all facilities either in homes or businesses, thanks to our meats and qualified professionals.

Thanks to our commitment and our desire to maintain a constant evolution have certifications maintenance company. In this way we maintain prevention systems and fire fighting, chlorination systems, descaling and osmosis, air conditioning ducts of large areas, heating systems, diesel fuel, solar energy.

Install, certify and review all facilities butane gas, town gas and propane gas in homes or businesses, and likewise we install boilers, heaters, batteries. We offer maintenance services to both homes and businesses, so that our customers do not have to worry about anything.

We installed solar panels for hot water, then apply for their benefits to under floor heating. We mounted boilers fired with biomass pellet and similar components. We also encourage our customers to use geothermal energy, which is the one that uses the energy obtained from the interior of the earth.


We install air conditioning machines, whether for homes or businesses from common with split air conditioners, to large companies with facilities in ducts. We also take care of the maintenance of air conditioning, and a detailed study on our part I care to avoid sudden temperature changes that indicate poor installation.

Thanks to our professional and our cards we have the appropriate permissions to assemble, repair and maintain facilities for liquid petroleum products. Thus, we include in our area as a reference to provide our customers the best guarantees and facilities to provide services that meet their needs.


We can perform a wide range of facilities, whether in private homes and jobs to companies, because we have a staff of highly qualified professionals at your service, just as we have some own more than 550m2 facilities to offer our services in person, always with a personal touch.


In our store you can find the materials needed for any work related to our services, such as copper, pvc fitting, general plumbing material, polyethylene, boilers, air conditioning and so on. We also have a fleet of vehicles to give you the best service.


We have a wide range of art tools, always focused to the welfare of the client, offering the quickest and technology for their needs to be resolved as soon as possible and the faster solutions.



You can contact us filling the form and sending it and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also choose to call us or send us an email. Likewise you will find us in the direction in which we will be happy to assist you in person.


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